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Star Lockdown Teacher 2021 - Fridge Magnet

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Star Lockdown Teacher 2021 - Fridge Magnet

Teachers and school staff have gained a new found respect in the eyes of most parents. Managing to remotely attend to the needs of their pupils often while juggling their own childcare and home schooling needs, teachers are the real Stars of Lockdown 2021

Our cute star shaped fridge magnet is expertly engraved and cut from 3.6mm plywood  It is a perfect unique gift for your child's Star Lockdown Teacher 2021 and something the teacher can proudly display forever.

Personalise your gift by adding your child's teachers name and your child's name. 

The message on the card reads:

Teacher's Name
Here's a little gift for you
Thanks so much for all you do
Shining brighter than the rest 
My Lockdown Star you are the best
Love from Child's name


We are not charging extra for this.

This magnet measures 70 x 70 x 3.6mm