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Hug Heart

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Hugs are important, absolutely essential. Hugs were invented to let people know you care without having to say anything .... so even if we can't be there our special people can carry a Hug Heart around to keep them going until they get the real thing

The message reads: 

Name/Names of recipients

Hugs were invented to let you know  I/we care

Keep this in your pocket for when I/we can't be there

Lots of love

Name/Names of senders

***Please fill in the details in the boxes provided above ***

The information we'll need is the name of the recipient(s), the name of the sender(s) and the name and delivery address so we can post it directly to the recipients and save you the hassle. 

****Please CHECK YOUR SPELLING as we can only work with what we are given and please give a full delivery address with postcode if you can manage it****

The Hug Heart is made from 3mm engraved white melamine MDF 70 mm in diameter

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